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Rutland Drone


We Offer

High Quality Imagery for...

Winter Tree Solitude.jpg

What we do

A View from the sky...

  • Surveillance​

  • Inspections of all kind...

    • Roofs​

    • Chimneys

    • Bridges

    • Land and Farms

    • Construction Sites

    • Power Lines

    • Wind Turbines

  • Advertising Shots

  • Postcard Photos

  • Real Esatate

What we offer

  • 4k Video

  • Up to 20 Mp Photos

  • CAA Licensed Pilots

  • A2 CofC Certified

  • Live HD video feedback to the ground for viewing of the client

  • We can get much closer than helicopters or booms but at a fraction of the cost

Consider Rutland Drone if you are in need of any surveillance, photography or any other need that you can think of. Drones are much safer and cheaper than helicopters or any other method used in order to get pictures of hard to reach places.

If you have any queries or are looking to use our services please head to the contact page, where you will find details to contact us.

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